All Aboard! Trailer-Loading Made Easy

ClickerExpo 2017 - Peggy Hogan - Clip -

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Trailer-loading is one of the horse husbandry skills that can be intimidating. When a horse is fearful of the trailer, the situation can be dangerous. Unfortunately, many horse owners avoid training this important skill. With clicker training you have the opportunity to work with a horse that is eager to participate. You also have the ability to train components that can accelerate the learning process.

Using groundwork exercises, exploratory shaping games, and desensitization, it is possible to work through and practice the physical skills and components that are necessary for trailer loading, long before a horse is exposed to the actual trailer. Follow this accomplishment with a transition to the actual trailer.

Can you imagine having a horse just walk into a trailer at liberty? Can you imagine the horse being that comfortable with a trailer?

In this lecture you will view different videos and techniques that can be applied to both the horse that has had previous (and possibly negative) experiences with the trailer and the horse that is being introduced to a trailer for the first time.

Total run time: 45 minutes