Crossing Chasms: Understanding Trainer and Veterinary Perspectives on Animal Care

ClickerExpo 2017 - Debbie Martin - Ken Ramirez - Clip -

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Trainers and veterinarians have so many things in common. They all:

• Are passionate about animals

• Have a desire to provide the animals they work with the best care possible

• Work with individual clients 

• Are professionals with unique knowledge and skills

Despite these common goals, the tension and difficulties these professionals sometimes face when working together can create serious problems that get in the way of serving the clients and their animals successfully. In this Session, Debbie and Ken will share their experiences, each having worked extensively on both the training and veterinary sides of animal care. The goal is to share the unique perspectives of both professions and suggest steps that will aid in improved cooperation.

Debbie will focus on the medical model for behavior classification, the challenge of communication between professionals who are often the authority figures in their fields, the perspective of the trainer and the perspective of the veterinarian (common concerns each has about each other).

Ken will focus on a model that has been successful when veterinarians and trainers are working for the same organization, and how that model might transfer to those working with individual clients. He will also share his perspectives on communication challenges, individual perspectives, and solutions for working together. 

Ken and Debbie will then open the Session to questions and discussion from attendees, looking for additional perspectives and questions that can help all of us move toward a more cohesive approach to accomplishing animal health care goals.

Total run time: 1:45