A Moment of Science: Clicker Training 101

ClickerExpo 2016 - Kathy Sdao - Clip -

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Are you new to clicker training? Or are you using it, but are confused by the terminology and the reasons behind what we do? Here's an introductory course on learning theory and the important scientific principles that govern clicker training. The information you'll learn here will inform the many choices you must make as a trainer and will improve your application of clicker training techniques.

Kathy Sdao, associate certified applied animal behaviorist, former marine-mammal trainer, and dog professional, is a gifted teacher who enjoys sparking her students’ interest in the science of animal training. Start your ClickerExpo experience on Friday with this Session and you will have the foundation and vocabulary to help you understand, enjoy, and benefit from the rest of the program.


If you have been using a clicker but are not fully familiar with the science behind it, you will find this Session to be highly worthwhile as well.